Wi-Fi Anywhere

What if the latest technology brings you internet even in the farthest part of the Earth?

Pantheon Technology is bringing something new…

No wires, no fiber optics, no annoying modems, just simply allowing people to connect to the internet through their wireless devices with Pantheon Technology.

The days of going to a coffee shop for its Wi-Fi may be numbered.  A new technology company, Pantheon Technology, LLC, can provide fast and reliable internet access that, for the past 12 years, has only been used by US military and government services.  Without any wiring, a single device can provide internet connection that spans across miles.  The beauty in this technology is that it can be deployed anywhere in the world with access to the sky.  It is currently working on deploying its services in the United States.  Not only can it be useful in providing Wi-Fi throughout large cities or college campuses in the United States, but it would also be key in connecting people in developing and emerging markets to limitless amounts of information.  Darren Sanford, founder of Pantheon Technology, LLC has been visiting numerous markets in its attempt to select the most challenging market to pilot this technology on a commercial level.

Pantheon Technology knocks down the four-wall Wi-Fi environments to create large scale connectivity.



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